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Add Value Bodie InterestsWith the rise of home improvement reality shows, investment buyers often think that renovations will automatically add value to a home, but that’s not always the case. The remodeling projects that do add after-repair value might surprise you. So before you spend a penny, keep the following suggestions in mind.

Replace the front door. This simple improvement ranks #1 year after year in Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report. If you can only do one thing (barring urgent maintenance matters),start here. This brings us to our next point…

It’s all about curb appeal! Potential buyers will judge a book by its cover. The home has to look inviting,since they won’t come in to see the work you’ve done if the outside isn’t welcoming. Make it a point to replace old windows and siding. In general, these yield a better financial return than larger remodeling projects. Replacing the garage door also ranks high in the Cost vs. Value Report.

Kitchen projects bring higher pay-offs than bathroom projects. Kitchen remodeling impresses buyers, often because they overestimate how much the updates cost. When remodeling for resale, it’s best to stick to traditional elements, like all-wood cabinets, commercial-looking appliances, natural wood or stone floors, and stone countertops.

Add a bathroom, if the house only has one. Don’t sink a penny into updating that kitchen or an existing bathroom if the home could really use a second bathroom. Older homes may have four bedrooms, but only one bathroom and the buyer will notice this. It will likely be on his to-do list to add another bathroom, so taking that out of the equation will automatically add value.

Walk-in showers have replaced whirlpool tubs. People just don’t have time to soak in the bath anymore, so don’t give up the square footage for a big tub. Large, luxurious, walk-in showers impress buyers because it’s the one spa treatment we all have to make time for! Floor-to-ceiling steam showers are especially on trend right now.

Renovate within the home, instead of building additions. These remodeling projects often return more value than adding extra rooms, and they cost less, too.

Replace windows with French doors that open to the backyard. This isn’t very expensive to accomplish, but it’s very popular with buyers.

Keep the renovations on par with the neighborhood. Don’t make unnecessary, high-end renovations to a $100,000 house, for example. There are plenty of moderate improvements to be made, but when your house becomes the most expensive one on the block, it likely sit vacant for a while.

Make home maintenance a priority. All of the new and shiny improvements you make won’t mean a thing if the buyer finds out there is water in the basement or that the house needs a new roof. People want to automatically assume the home is in good working order and that the only additional funds they’ll have to shell out will be for aesthetics.

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Take this advice to heart before deciding which remodeling projects to take on. Your bank account will thank you for it! Still have questions? Contact Bodie Interests to start investing in Houston.



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